2. Sidek bin Mohd Noah

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Name: Sidek bin Mohd Noah
D.O.B: 19 November 1959
P.O.B: Batu Pahat, Johor
Status: Married to my mom :)

Dad, father, papa, daddy, abi, but I call him "baba"... The greatest dad a girl can have.

My father... I don't really know how to explain what kind of person he is. But from my eyes... He is the strongest man i've ever known. My father... he seems so soft, so naive, so innocent. He is understanding just like my mother. He treats us, his children with care. My mother, she is quite firm with all of us but my father... its not that he pampered us but I understand that he dont like to pressure us. He is like a water to distinguish a fire. Calm, quiet, but funny at times, and responsible.

My father... he gives everything that he can for all of us. He did a mistake, but he face it all. I love my father the way he is. He protect his girls... he loves his girls... and he dont feel ashamed to show how great his love for all of us. People say a father's ego is the worst, but i am so proud to say my father has his own ego but it all makes a perfect sense. His advices are wise, his teaching are nice, he always love his family and he keeps telling about us to his student. That's how much he loves us, his family.

He always do what he can do to grant our wishes. Even though sometimes he dont have the capability, he still try his best and we know how hard he tried. My father... he get angry sometimes. But he always gentle and dont say much. He let us learn our own life the way we want and but he still carefully look at us to make sure we dont get into trouble. That's how great a man can be when his heart is so full of love towards his family. That man is my father, and i am proud and lucky...

All I can ask now is for his health and may Allah bless him. My father, he is so great... I really want to design a house for him and my mother so they can live there in their old days. I also want to buy him a BMW... like he always dream about. I want to make them live in the wealth and health... because they deserve it. But for now, I will keep on praying for them... because I also want Allah to love them more than they love me... :)